Youth And Tolerance Movement

the mission of the youth and tolerance movement is to unite the young people of the world in an effort to combat the problems facing our planet. fred medill is the founder of this 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, and he believes that with the help of modern technology, this generation of young people can lead a global effort to attack such problems as global warming, war, poverty, disease, illiteracy, and intolerance. young leaders from countries around the world are organizing chapters in their cities to make this dream a reality. this website will be introducing you to these young leaders in the coming weeks.

Starlight/Starbright Children’s Foundations

fred also devotes his time to the starlight/starbright children’s foundation and the mattel children’s hospital at ucla. he produces videos of seriously ill children who are permitted to ask questions of their favorite stars from their hospital beds. he also takes seriously ill starlight children’s foundation kids to red carpet events with him where they can meet and interact with the celebrities. starlight has a presence in over 1,000 hospitals around the world. he is known as the “wish doctor” and is committed to ending hospital loneliness and depression.

Mattel Children’s Hospital At Ucla

for the last 5 years, fred medill has been a member of the “party on the pier” planning and fundraising committee at the mattel children’s hospital at ucla. besides planning and fundraising, fred has experimented with bringing video conferencing to the kids at the hospital. it is fred’s goal to take hospitalized kids from their bed to destinations around the world via video conferencing. places such as a child’s own school, the great barrier reef, nasa astronauts in outer space, zoos, concerts, behind the scenes of sporting events, or just video conferencing with friends and family are all in reach in the new children’s hospital. fred is working on a project to bring first run movies to the hospital as well as the stars of those movies.
fred medill - starlight starbright fred medill - starlight starbright
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Shoah Foundation

speilbergI was fortunate enough to cover the shoah foundation annual banquet on dec. 5 (“tackling the future,” dec. 6). as a 16-year-old professional journalist i was not emotionally prepared for the evening. when i arrived i was escorted to an area where i was allowed to access, by way of computers, testimonies of holocaust survivors. i was given the opportunity to personally interview some survivors who attended the event.they told me about their experiences and showed me their personal photographs that were taken at the a product of jewish day schools, i learned about the holocaust, but listening to survivors testimonies really made a durable impression. for me, the evening ended with an interview with steven spielberg who explained to me that the shoah foundation started out as a project, but it is now becoming an institution. i truly believe that by providing access to these personal accounts of the holocaust, we are building a more tolerant and more humane generation.

– fred medill