Bra boys is an australian documentary about the legendary surfer community housed in the economically depressed sydney suburb of maroubra. the film’s director sunny abberton, along with narrator russel crowe, tell the story of the bra boys, the abberton family, and their struggle to survive a troubled youth. it is an interesting study of a diverse group of young boys bonding together to help each other get through tough times. some viewers might see them as gang members who have an ongoing battle with the police, while others would see them as a drinking, partying, surfer’s fraternity. personally, i would not rate them as a gang in the sense of the crips or bloods of los angeles.

Surfing, the sense of family, and belonging, seems to bind the bra boys together. from this surfing culture, world-class surfers evolve and the surfing scenes are spectacular from all parts of the globe. the film’s message is inspiring to disadvantaged youth and shows that you can make it in life with the help of your friends. russel crow narrates some interesting historical facts about our down under neighbor australia dating back to british colonial days. the film also deals with sunny abberton’s younger brother jai, who is accused of murder and the ordeal he and the family have to go through. there is some buzz that brian grazer, remembered for producing the “blue crush” surfer movie, might team with russell crowe to do a feature on the bra boys. fred sez, hang ten, this doc is worth seeing dude.

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