Vantage point is definitely a unique film. the story is about different points of view concerning an assassination attempt on the president of the united states (william hurt). the movie takes place in Spain at a public meeting of world leaders who intend to denounce world terrorism. thomas barnes (dennis quaid) is a secret service agent assigned to protect the president. as he steps up to the podium to give a speech, he is shot by an assassin. this event is filmed by onlooker howard lewis (forrest whitaker) an american tourist on his sony camcorder (of course). the event is also captured by a global news service that relays it around the world. the news producer is rex brooks (sigourney weaver). the assassination attempt on the u.s. president is replayed from the vantage point of the secret service agent, the tourist, the president, the assassin, and other key characters. the replay technique is a bit uncomfortable at first blush, until the viewer realizes that this is how the story is weaved together. once the audience gets past the first couple of replays, they understand the technique and begin to relax and focus on putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

The acting in the film was convincing. i did get flashbacks from the movie “in the line of fire” where clint eastwood was assigned to protect the president and was extremely dedicated to his job. forest whitaker played a believable typical tourist trying to record an historic event and got right into the thick of things. sigourney weaver must have done her research on news producers since she fit the part so well. there is also a very well orchestrated, action packed chase scene in the movie that rivaled the “french connection.” this is a good february movie to see!

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